Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Sale

Buy one hour at our regular rate and
get your next hour ½ price.
(up to 10 hours/month)
So 10 hours will only cost you $225.00!
This offer expires on Labour Day, so get it while you can!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Won, Again!

I am the first winner of, and Tawnya Sutherland says, the inspiration for a new contest at the Virtual Assistants Network Association. It's called "Blogging for VANA" and it is going to be better than "bobbing for apples"!

From the VANA contest page:
Blog with VANA and you could win a month's worth of Bronze Advertising at VANA to help you with your business advertising. Everyone is welcome to play from Virtual Assistants to clients of Virtual Assistants! We will draw one new winner for every 10 entries we receive. If we receive 100 entries, we'll draw 10 winners!

So go over and check out my ad. It is posted right beside the contest details.

Thanks, again, VANA and Tawnya!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Virtual Assistant Networking Association VAccolade Award

I was overwhelmed today to be told that Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services was selected to receive the:

VAccolade of Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA)
VAccolade Business Entrepreneur Award

The award is given to a member of VANA (there are over 6,000 members)who is nominated by one of their clients, business colleagues, or peers. They must have also met any combination of the following criteria:
1. Has been an important contributor to the forum (volunteer/advice/support/etc.)
2. His website demonstrates at least one of the following qualities in an outstanding way: a. Solid copywriting b. Usability c. Search engine friendly d. Excellent design e. Original content
3. Shows all around business savvy and good judgement
4. Demonstrates a strong USP
5. Upholds our VANA member ethics

I am honoured to be selected and proudly added the VAccolade banner to my website. Thank you VANA!