Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Virtual Assistant's Worst Fear!

Lately my computer has been acting up. I think that it had a virus that was just hanging on, even though I tried every anti-virus program out there. I finally got it back to health today.

This did get me wondering (and worrying a bit), "What would I do if my computer died on me?" I think that this should be the Virtual Assistant's worst fear. We should have a healthy fear of this happening and take measures to protect our businesses in the event that it does happen.

I am now in the process of burning everything of my clients and my business onto CDs. My next step is to go tomorrow and buy a jump drive. I would like to be able to 'move' my files easily to another computer if the need arises. I do keep paper copies of most everything that I can. (So much for the 'paperless' office of the future) My plan now is to back up EVERYTHING! It may seem a bit extreme, but better safe than sorry.

What are some other ways that you protect your valuable information? What would you do if your computer died right now? Do you have a plan? Are you afraid yet? Being afraid is a good thing if you do something about it.

Be like a boy scout and be prepared.