Monday, June 18, 2007

Virtual Assistant Networking Association VAccolade Award

I was overwhelmed today to be told that Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services was selected to receive the:

VAccolade of Virtual Assistant Networking Association (VANA)
VAccolade Business Entrepreneur Award

The award is given to a member of VANA (there are over 6,000 members)who is nominated by one of their clients, business colleagues, or peers. They must have also met any combination of the following criteria:
1. Has been an important contributor to the forum (volunteer/advice/support/etc.)
2. His website demonstrates at least one of the following qualities in an outstanding way: a. Solid copywriting b. Usability c. Search engine friendly d. Excellent design e. Original content
3. Shows all around business savvy and good judgement
4. Demonstrates a strong USP
5. Upholds our VANA member ethics

I am honoured to be selected and proudly added the VAccolade banner to my website. Thank you VANA!

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