Monday, December 10, 2007

Virtual Assistant E-Book for Sale

I have decided to change my Free E-Book offer when signing up to the Right-Hand-Man Handy Tips Newsletter. In January you will no longer be abel to access the "7 Keys to RFPs" E-Books for free. I had planned on giving away 100 copies and have already exceeded this goal. You will still be able to access both the "Responding to" and "Writing" RFPs E-books but I will be charging $5.00 for the 2 E-Book set.

These E-books have garnered rave reviews from both virtual assistants and clients. Here is a couple that were recently posted at VANA fellow virtual assistants:

"Darrell Williams sent me the book. You are right it is a 'GOD SEND". It answers every question I had and more. Thank so much for recommending it. "

"I can give a glowing testimonial to Darrell's ebook. I modified what I was doing after reading Darrell's tips and got clients from the next two RFPs that I submitted."

I will announce the topic of the new e-book at the end of December. It will also be a 2 version E-Book set - one for VAs and one for clients.

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