Friday, September 28, 2007

Event Planning

I have been involved in the planning of many different kinds of events - conferences, weddings, concerts, and parties - but the most difficult one to plan and execute is a child's birthday party.

What has happened to the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey party? Nowadays, you have to have crafts, entertainment, the "right" location, and treat bags to rival the ones given out at the Oscars. Today was my daughter's 10th birthday. It was not a large party, but it was still a lot of work. I had a lot to do. It had to be just right because it is the last "big" party that she is having.

There were invitations to make, goodie bags to make, crafts to create, rooms and a cake to decorate, prizes to make, and food to serve. My wife was working, so I had to do pretty much everything. I tried to break every project down into small parts and get so many of them done each day until everything was all done. It wasn't done until 5 minutes before the kids walked in the door, but it was done!

No matter what kind of event you are planning, it all comes down to preparation. Knowing what the expected outcome is and planning for every possible thing between idea and realization. It sounds like a huge task but if it is broken down into smaller tasks, it becomes way less daunting.

The party was a success and everyone went home happy. There were no fights, and even despite the rain, it went great.

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