Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thank You Blog Carnival Visitors!

Thank you to all of the visitors who stopped by to check out the Carnival of Virtual Assistants. The first edition was a great success. I have had over one hundred visitors (which is a lot for my fledgling blog) since the Carnival was posted.

Next month's Carnival of Virtual Assistants is already shaping up to be a great event. We already have a lot of different posts that will be of interest to virtual assistants and their clients. The Carnival will be hosted by Angela Wills in September at her blog - InTouchVA. In Ocotber, your Carnival host will be the incomparable Kathie Thomas. Kathie has one of the definitive blogs about the virtual assistant industry - The VA Blog.

So, all of you blogging VAs, start sending your posts in so that they can be included in September's Carnival of Virtual Assistants. Just follow this link and add your post: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_2071.html

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